Quality, Compliance, & Accuracy!

Coding & Billing Solutions: prides itself with QUALITYCOMPLIANCE, AND ACCURACY

What sets us apart?

● CBS provides both technical and professional coding services.  With the increasing need – our coders perform both functions simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple touches by coders; saving time and dollars.

● CBS is proud to provide only domestic coding support which lends to the continuity of communication, timely responses, and reduction of denials and backend work. 

● CBS provides extremely reasonable pricing for our services without having to send the work offshore or without developing unnecessary interfaces.  We access your systems directly preventing all additional costs.

● CBS provides experienced and credentialed coders with CBS longevity, so you are not constantly dealing with the shifting of contract coders. 

● CBS provides coding support 7 days a week and holiday coverage for NO extra cost. Our coders are typically available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance when crises or immediate needs occur. 

● CBS management team has an average of over 25 years’ experience, with all team members dedicated to a successful partnership, working in tandem with your management and staff to meet goals and deadlines.

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Kathy Smith VP Operations and Business Development


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