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If you are looking for the best in fully domestic medical coding, auditing and HIM, you’ve come to the right place!


Clients We Serve

With our specialized expertise in medical billing, coding, and auditing, we are dedicated to helping hospitals streamline operations, maximize reimbursement, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.
Physician Practices
Coding & Billing Solutions is the trusted partner in optimizing the financial health of physician practices through comprehensive medical billing, coding, and auditing solutions.
Emergency Rooms
With our expertise and focus on emergency medicine, we help emergency rooms streamline operations, increase revenue, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
Medical Specialties
With our expertise and focus on diverse medical specialties, we help practices streamline operations, maximize revenue, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
Urgent Care Facilities
With our expertise and focus on urgent care medicine, we help facilities streamline operations, increase revenue, and ensure compliance with industry regulations.
Addiction Treatment Centers
The team at Coding & Billing Solutions are experts at maximizing the financial efficiency of addiction treatment facilities through specialized medical billing, coding, and auditing services.
In-Home Health Service Providers
Coding & Billing Solutions specializes in optimizing the revenue cycle of in-home health services providers through our 100% domestic medical billing, coding, and auditing services.
Medical Laboratories
Make Coding & Billing Solutions your dedicated partner in maximizing the financial efficiency of your medical laboratory through specialized medical billing, coding, and auditing services.

Coding & Billing Solutions Is The Right Partner!

Coding & Billing Solutions is the preferred partner for our clients because we 

  • CBS Provides Services For Both The Technical & Professional Sides
  • CBS Coders Are 100% Domestic!
  • CBS provides “Right-Fit” Pricing 
  • CBS Coders Are Known For Their Credentials, Experience & Longevity As CBS Team Members 
  • CBS Provides Coverage 7 Days a Week & On Holidays at NO Additional Cost
  • CBS Management Team Has Over 25 Years Experience

With over 25 years of experience, the CBS management is second to none in terms of the breadth and depth of its knowledge of HIM and medical coding and billing.

Started Journey
CDI Improvement
Medical Coding & Billing
Auditing & Compliance Review
Our services

Services We Offer

CDI Improvement

Along with our other services, Coding & Billing Solutions is fast becoming a leader in Clinical Documentation Improvement. CBS is working with clients to help them capture appropriate revenue that would have otherwise been missed and we work in tandem with the coding team to illustrate patients’ severity of illness and risk of mortality.

Medical Coding & Billing

CBS provides services for both technical and professional side With the increasing need to code both the technical and professional side with “one touch”, we have hired and trained coders to code both functions eliminating the need for multiple touches by coders: saving time and $.

Auditing & Compliance Review

Coding & Billing Solutions specializes in this critical auditing function and can help your organization avoid the financial penalties, loss of reimbursement, legal issues, and reputational damage that can result from inaccurate coding.


Experience The Coding & Billing Solutions Difference

Managed IT services can help you outsource your IT needs to a third-party provider. This includes IT support, network monitoring, and maintenance, and disaster recovery and business continuity planning.


Our Team is Available 24/7/365


CBS is Right-Priced for Your Bottom


CBS is Fully Domestic


Our Coding Skills are 2nd To None


Our Team is Available 24/7/365

Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Just wanted to reach out and thank the team at Coding & Billing Solutions for helping us cover our coding needs when we lost several coders in a very short period of time. CBS was able to quickly get their team up and running. There was always a line of communication open to make sure that everything was working to our expectations. I would certainly recommend Coding & Billing Solutions to any practice or facility in need of these services."
Happy Customer
“As coding Supervisor at Holy Spirit Hospital at the start of coding relations with Coding and Billing Solutions, I am writing this letter of recommendation for the outstanding services they provide. Working with Coding and Billing Solution’s team has been a positive experience with their commitment to go above and beyond to meet their clients’ needs. Coding and Billing Solutions professional, knowledgeable team would be an asset to any facility fortunate enough to secure their services. You are encouraged to ask me for any assistance in giving more information about Coding and Billing Solutions. Please feel free to contact me.”
Coding Operations
Happy Customer
“Einstein has used Coding and Billing Solutions for several years now and have provided both Inpatient and Outpatient coding services. Senior members of the CBS Team are always available to discuss any of our needs. The coding staff is wonderful and always willing to join a WebEx to review new changes. Coding and Billing Solutions is always there to help maintain the DNFB and truly strive to provide excellent coding quality and productivity. Accuracy/quality is always met. Coding and Billing Solution’s quality is 95% and above for their coders. Their productivity meets or exceeds Einstein standards. When there are last minute needs, CBS always has available staff. Einstein has an open-door policy with Coding and Billing Solutions.
Communication is the key to a successful relationship, and we have that with this consulting group. I highly recommend Coding and Billing Solutions due to the continuous support they provide for our coding team.”
Assistant Director Of Network Coding
Happy Customer
“This is a letter of recommendation for Coding & Billing Solutions. The coding team with Coding & Billing Solutions is one of the best groups I have ever had working for me and they have been an outstanding resource. They are highly motivated and willing to work. During our hectic end-of-month closings and our drop-dead Medicare dates, they are always ready to work after hours and weekends at a minute’s notice. The company has excellent coders that meet accuracy guidelines. I could not ask for a better company to have as part of my team. They do not require a lot of handholding and training. They jump right in and get the job done. I would highly recommend Sheri Hovan and her team to any facility requiring and coding and billing needs.”
Regional Coding Manager
Happy Customer
"Coding & Billing Solutions has consistently met our needs in a professional and timely manner. The strengths of the CBS management team include the ability to think outside the box, engage in critical thinking skills and motivate staff to perform at their very best. These are qualities that will support your company’s success in transitioning to ICD-10 and electronic environments. It is my pleasure to recommend Coding & Billing Solutions to you without reservation.”
Director of Health Information Management
Happy Customer