Coding & Billing Solutions is the leader in Medical Billing and Coding.

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ABOUT Our Company

Coding & Billing Solutions LLC.

is a leader in medical coding, health information management (HIM) and billing services for hospitals and physician providers across the U.S. The CBS mission is to provide quality, compliance and accuracy to each and every client while being committed to creating long-term, trusting partnerships.

Coding & Billing Solutions was established in 2010 by Sheri Hovan

Sheri and The CBS management team have 30+ years of extensive experience working in HIM and Coding, which is the foundation of the success of the company.


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Our Team is Available 24/7/365

Understanding the challenges in healthcare,

CBS was established primarily for the purpose of assisting healthcare systems with their coding & billing quality, revenue capture, and financial success while being mindful of budgetary constraints.
As our reputation for excellence in service combined with cost effective solutions has grown, so has the number of clients who trust their medical coding and billing with us. In fact, CBS has now provided Coding, Auditing and HIM services to over 75 hospitals nationally.
“The reason for our dramatic growth is simple…it’s our team. The CBS team has the experience, the vision and an ongoing commitment to assist healthcare organizations through dramatic changes that are happening in health information management,” said Sheri, CBS’s CEO.

“First, every coder needs to have a demonstrated passion for quality, accuracy, and compliance in coding. We hold our coders to a higher standard. Second, we have a very extensive vetting process to make sure that our coders are a perfect fit for a project,” said Sheri.
“We believe that our medical coders are the best in the industry,” said Sheri. We take pains to provide the right combination of people and service to meet the specific needs of each client engagement.” As Sheri explains, “My team and I take pains to deliver the resources that will maximize the coding process at the lowest cost for our clients. We are lean so we don’t need to pass on significant corporate overhead charges to our clients. Since our costs are lower, their profits are higher”.
Accuracy and timeliness are also hallmarks of CBS. We complete billing in the shortest amount of time possible, which in turn generates a faster revenue flow for our clients. We also place a high premium on accuracy, which is a must in our industry.
“Our clients also can count on a response from our team in 30-40 minutes, anytime. We know that our client’s success is our success, so we make sure to be highly available to them at all times,” said Sheri.
If you would like to speak with Sheri, please call her at: 610-442-2346 or click here to fill out our contact form.

Our services

Services We Offer

CDI Improvement

Along with our other services, Coding & Billing Solutions is fast becoming a leader in Clinical Documentation Improvement. CBS is working with clients to help them capture appropriate revenue that would have otherwise been missed and we work in tandem with the coding team to illustrate patients’ severity of illness and risk of mortality.

Medical Coding & Billing

CBS provides services for both technical and professional side With the increasing need to code both the technical and professional side with “one touch”, we have hired and trained coders to code both functions eliminating the need for multiple touches by coders: saving time and $.

Auditing & Compliance Review

Coding & Billing Solutions specializes in this critical auditing function and can help your organization avoid the financial penalties, loss of reimbursement, legal issues, and reputational damage that can result from inaccurate coding.