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AI Medical Coding

AI Medical Coding from Coding & Billing Solutions

The complexities surrounding HIM, and medical coding are many and only seem to be growing. For several years now, the attempts to streamline coding with automation have fallen short due to the complexities of integrating data from different systems and the overall challenges presented by the overseas versus domestic coding divide.

Finally, artificial intelligence is ready to handle coding issues that were too difficult for it to address only a few years ago. Coding & Billing Solutions, the leader in medical coding & billing, is proud to announce its partnership with Reasint Artificial Intelligence in adopting this revolutionary technology.

CBS and Reasint have changed the game, providing intelligent production coding tools, automation, documentation analysis, and hyper-transparency and flexibility to streamline medical coding and billing like never before.

Reasint’s breakthrough has come in their new, proprietary, patent-pending machine intelligence system: ARNI. ARNI stands for “Automated Reasoning via Natural Intelligence”. Unlike common AI programs, ARNI isn’t generative; it doesn’t fill in the blanks even if that means providing the wrong answer. Instead, it mimics the thought processes and decision-making skills of an experienced medical coder, ensuring precision and reliability.

What ARNI Does for Radiology Coders and Physicians

  1. Understanding Complexity: ARNI reads and comprehends the intricate structure and language of medical reports, unraveling complexity with ease.
  2. Real-time Analysis: It reviews reports on the fly, pinpointing documentation and formatting gaps in real-time, ensuring clarity and completeness.
  3. Code Application: ARNI seamlessly applies procedure, condition, and quality measurement codes, streamlining the coding process for radiology coders.
  4. Human Intervention Prediction: Identifying reports requiring human intervention, ARNI pre-codes them through the Code+ platform, boosting throughput efficiency by fourfold.
  5. Automation Mastery: ARNI is your ally in automating a significant portion of diagnostic radiology coding, saving time and resources.
  6. Cost-Effective Growth: ARNI provides a cost-effective pathway to enhance medical coding capabilities, facilitating increased revenue flow downstream.

This approach has produced outstanding results in radiology coding, which is the first medical specialty that Reasint is addressing. Reasint solutions currently serves more than 4,000 radiologists across 43 states and works on 2,500,000 reports a month; a number that is experiencing incredible growth.

People plus AI

Integrating ARNI from Reasint into Coding & Billing Solutions’ HIM practice has changed our approach to coding for our radiology clients forever. In our experience, the combination of people plus AI is the most powerful approach. Our expert coders are able to leverage this new technology to produce radiology coding that is faster, more accurate and less expensive than traditional coding. And this is only the beginning of the artificial intelligence revolution that is about to sweep over health information management.

If you would like to learn how Coding & Billing Solutions and ARNI can transform billing management for your radiology practice, contact us today!

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