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Employee Testimonials

What Our Employees are Saying.

“My name is Searra Sawka and I started with Coding & Billing Solutions (CBS), LLC as a remote emergency medical coder back in August of 2017. I started at CBS straight out of college after receiving my Associate’s Degree in Health Information Technology. At this point in my life, I had absolutely no experience in the coding world, but I was very excited to take on this new opportunity with CBS. Working from home with little to no experience was quite a challenge at first, but I was able to catch on quickly thanks to my boss, managers, and the staff at CBS for guiding me over the years. New opportunities were constantly arising as I progressed at CBS, and I’ve grown on a professional level in many ways. I am now a remote Coding Integrity Specialist for CBS where I’m responsible for auditing the coders in my department to assure that the quality, compliance, and accuracy of the clinical documentation is being met at all times. The flexibility, communication, and growth are just a few of the many reasons why I enjoy working for CBS. As the company continues booming and more opportunities emerge, we will continue to seek more coders! The future of CBS is looking very bright!”
Searra Sawka
Happy Employee
“I joined CBS roughly 5 years ago as an inpatient coder. It is a fabulous organization, and I wouldn’t change a thing about it. The communication is great. The learning opportunities are endless. And the flexibility is over the top! I would recommend this organization to any coder who is seeking out something new or different.”
Erica Flowers
Happy Employee
“I had never heard of CBS until our facility was sold. CBS saved my job and my coworkers’ job by offering us a position with their company. CBS Management is there to help with any coding questions or computer questions. We continue to have periodic meetings to stay abreast of current issues. If there are any concerns about a process or any kind of question that I may have, I know it will be investigated and an answer will be forthcoming.”
Voni Starner
Happy Employee
“I joined CBS roughly 3 months ago and I really like how your organization operates. My experience working for your company compares very favorably to others where I have audited. I greatly appreciate the amount of communication there is between management and the auditors as well as the process for us to complete audits. I also have been assigned to assist in peer-reviewing audits as needed which is a nice compliment. I work hard to be efficient in my audits with a focus on accuracy and to turn them over quickly so the client can assign more to our group. I would love to see our numbers grow and we become their primary auditing group.”
Gina Y
Happy Employee
“I am glad that I made the transition to work as a consultant for CBS. I am grateful for the opportunity that CBS has given me. I am able to utilize my skills and continue to grow professionally. Working from home allows a flexible schedule and opportunities that would otherwise not be possible.”
Rita McNasby C.C.S.
Happy Employee
“I started working for Coding Billing Solutions in the summer of 2013. This has been a wonderful opportunity for me. I had the opportunity to learn new things and become an expert in a wide range of coding areas. When I first started out working for Coding Billing Solutions, I was only coding a few different service types. Now I code a large variety and I manage one of the hospital queues. We have a great team, a team of individuals that I am pleased to work with. It is a pleasure to work for Coding Billing Solutions.”
Tori Chopak
Happy Employee

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